Brannon Barnsters
Youth Club
Some of the youngest of
the Brannon Barnsters
participated Sunday July
21st, 2007 in the
Lexington Bluegrass
Academy Show held at
Masterson Station.  
Everyone received blue
ribbons for riding.  
Pictured top to bottom
clockwise:  Jayna and
Fancy, Kelsey and
Strawberry Heather, Josh
and Liz with Fancy,
Alexandra and
September 9,
2007:  The
Barnsters took a
field trip to The
Kentucky Horse
Park, where they
toured the
Museum, had a
picnic during the
meeting, and
watched the
Parade of Breeds.  
As seen in the
photos, every
participant wanted
to sit atop the
lovely wooden
ASB rocking
horses and
pretend to show.  
The October 2008 Barnsters horse
games day was a tremendous
success.  So many youngsters
showed up to learn and practice
skills to improve their balance,
coordination, and guiding while
riding.  The proceeds go to vet bills
for Poker's leg growth (Poker is an
ASB rescue Nancy adopted three
years ago). Games included those
taught at Horses and Hot Chocolate,
the winter games held at the
Kentucky Horse Park.  In addition,
club members and students
practiced two-point at the trot over
ground poles.  Many thanks to
Kelsea Rookard for organizing the
event and to Deb Rateri, the club
sponsor, for providing refreshments
and awards.  Of course, we must
thank the equine ambassadors of
the day:  Lucky, Meredith's Horse,
Watcheyes, Trixie, Bacardi, and
February, 2008:  
Pictures above
and to the right
feature the field
trip in which the
during the ASHA
They saw not
only American
Saddlebreds, but
Friesians as well.
 Thanks to Deb
Rateri for
chaperoning the
day for the
The Barnsters hold
monthly meetings
intended to educate and
encourage learners about
all things equine.  Deb
Rateri is the sponsor,
and can be reached at with
any questions.  
Membership is free, and
all riders, whether
showing or not, are
encouraged to
participate.  We usually
have demonstrations,
crafts, and snacks at
every meeting.  Often,
some form of riding is
incorporated as well.
October 5th, 2008 - The Brannon Barnsters traveled to Taylorsville Lake
for a two hour trail ride.  The opportunity provided club members
training in seat and balance as they traversed some moderately steep
inclines/declines.  The day was clear and breezy.  Riders and horses had a
good time.
On September 30th, 2008, the Barnsters visited
Old Friends Farm to learn about the thoroughbred
retirement industry.  Highlights included meeting
record holders in turf racing, as well as meeting one
of the stars of
Seabiscuit (see him at left
attempting to eat Nancy's hood).  The girls also
enjoyed hearing about the cute half minature
stallion who demonstrated his soccer skills for his