Help for the Horse Show Mom or Dad
Boots: it is best for the rider to wear
an ankle-high boot with a smooth
sole and a 1/2 inch heel. The low
heel keeps the boot from sliding all
the way through the stirrup. Boots
may be lace-up, zipper, or elastic.
These can be found at Fennels off of
Red Mile Road in Lexington, State
Line Tack at Petsmart, in Hamburg,
or in several horse supply catalogs
and internet sites. A tennis shoe can
slide through the stirrup and it does
not offer enough protection if a
horse should step on the rider's foot.
Helmets:  Helmets must fit properly.
A poorly fitted helmet can cause
serious problems. When you have the
helmet on, it should not be possible
to pull it down over the eyes. Helmets
are available at State Line Tack,
which is located in Hamburg inside
Petsmart or Wise Choice Tack on
Georgetown Road in Lexington, Ky.  
The folks at Wise Choice will fit the
helmet to your child's head for you.

The Brannon Barnsters will have
custom helmet covers to match the
fleece “Tuffrider” vests for the 2006
winter tournament season.
Pants:  Riders must wear full-length
pants, never shorts or capri pants.
We strongly recommend riding
pants ("Kentucky Jodhpurs"), which
are long pants with a bell-bottom
and straps that go under the boots.
Please keep the straps on the pants
at all times! The straps keep the
pants from riding up on the leg and
chafing. Black pants would be the
best choice so they will coordinate
with the black vests. The length of
the pant should be longer for the
tournaments, so that when you are in
the saddle the length of the pant is
past your heel. That means they will
have to be rolled up when not riding.

Riding pants may be purchased
at Le Cheval on Red Mile Road
in Lexington, Carl Meyers on
Romany Road in Lexington, or
many consignment saddle seat
stores in the area. There are
also several mail order horse
supply catalogs and Internet
sites.  Try,, or
Shirts, Vests, and Ties:  For winter
tournaments, you’ll need a basic
light blue
turtleneck. A basic boy’s white dress shirt is
enough to get any young boy or girl started in
Academy shows for the spring/summer season.  
For a winter tournament vest, purchase a
Tuffrider's stretch vest unifleece found on www.the for $30.95 - youth and $32.95 -
adult.  Once purchased, Nancy will have the vest
monogrammed, as in the picture below.  In the
spring and summer shows, a four-button vest - as
pictured left - will be needed, and you can
purchase one online from www.nationalbridle.
com or, or you can
opt to have one custom made by Le Cheval.  
During the spring/summer season, a coordinating
tie is required.  Cutting down one of Dad’s old
ties is a common practice!
                       The Brannon Barnsters Horse Show Bag List

This is a list of several items to bring to each show to make you look and
be your best.  Print list and use as a checklist.

1.        Hair bands
2.        Hairnets
3.        Bobbi pins and hairpins        
4.        Small bow for your bun (le cheval)
5.        Hair spray and hair gel or wax
6.        Comb and brush
7.        Make up        
8.        Shoe polish and towel
9.        Old towel
10.        Extra tie downs for jods
11.        Velcro wraps for pant legs
12.        Safety pins        
13.        Tie tacs for back number
14.        Needle and thread
15.        Black electrical tape
16.        Riding gloves
17.        Tie bar
18.        Roll brush for lint
19.        Scissors
20.        Extra pair of socks
21.        Jods, shirt, vest and/or jacket
22.        Boots        
23.        Change of clothes and shoes
24.        Hat/helmet, if needed
25.        Saddle/bridle/stirrups, if you have your own
26.        The spirit to ride well and have fun!
Starting a new activity, such as riding, can be very overwhelming,
especially when it is an activity that is new to you as well.  So, here
are a few guidelines about items you will need to help you begin!