Brannon Stables Sport Horse Prospects for Sale
Early June 2008 SBS welcomed
two warmblood/sport horse type
babies onto the farm, one filly
and one colt.  Both are by the
same Percheron stud and out of
big thoroughbred mares.
Perch Stud 17.2 + Hands
Thoroughbred dam of filly
16.1 H
Thoroughbred dam of colt
16.1 H
warmblood colt
born June 2008.  
He is high-headed
and has straight
long legs with
really nice
Sire and Dam
pictured above.  
Should mature to
16.3 plus hands
easily.  He wasn't
shy of the camera,
and seemed to
pose at every

Call Nancy at
Perch x Thoroughbred filly
born June 2008.  Sire and
Dam pictured above.  Colt is
her half-brother.  This filly
is sweet and trusting of
people, even at such a young
age.  She will leave her
mother's side and come over
to be loved upon by any
human in the field.  She is
not pushy about it, just
friendly.  Lovely small head
and muzzle.  Should mature
over 16.3 H.

Call Nancy for pricing.
Alfie is a two-year old
Georgian Grande colt.  He has
a wonderful, trainable
disposition, as well as nice
conformation.  He is already
16 H and still growing.  Broke
to long-line and started under
saddle. Mares surrounding his
picture have been exposed to
him during the summer and
fall of 2008.  The mares are of
varying ages and breeds.  
Please call Nancy at
859-983-0856 regarding
pricing for mares or stallion.
Thoroughbred mare - dam of filly pictured
above.  16.1 H
Half ASB/Half
15.1 H.
Thoroughbred mare - dam of colt pictured
above/to side. 16.1 H.
Ice Sculpture -
Thoroughbred mare.  
16 H.
Coming 4 yr
old  Appendix
15..2 H